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How to Get in Shape in 2012

How to Get in Shape in 2012: Crunches

Our last blog post focused on how to improve your diet in 2012, so this week we’d like to take some time and discuss easy ways to get in shape in 2012. As with any exercise plan, make sure you check with your doctor before beginning this so that you don’t injure yourself.

The great thing about this plan is that you can do it in your own home and in short increments. One of my major obstacles to exercising more is feeling like I have to belong to a gym or that I need to own expensive equipment. However, that isn’t necessary at all.

How to Get in Shape: A Ten Minute Plan

How to Get in Shape in 2012: Pushups

Set a timer for ten minutes. For the first two minutes, do some lunges or squats to warm up. For the next two minutes, do jumping jacks. For the next two minutes, do some stomach crunches. For the next two minutes, do push-ups (remember, go slow at first). For the final two minutes, jog lightly in place.

Start by doing this little routine once a day, then gradually increase to up to six times a day, for a total of one hour of exercise. You don’t need fancy clothes or even very much room to do this plan, but if you stick to it and increase the number of times per day, then you’ll eventually be exercising quite a bit!

A Healthy Start to 2012: Eating Better, Gradually

One of the best ways to keep your health care costs down is to take care of yourself. However, everybody knows that keeping your health-related New Year’s resolutions is incredibly difficult once your motivation has cooled. Instead, we propose the following steps to gradually changing your lifestyle to make a more permanent change in your life.

A Calendar to Eating Healthier

While extreme dieting may help you lose weight fast, it rarely helps you keep the weight off once you’ve lost it. Instead, consider following this schedule in 2012 to help you gradually change your eating habits:

Glass of Water

January – February:
Choose one day a week to skip all sweets and desserts. Instead of desserts, pastries (even muffins and croissants), candies, and sweetened sodas or beverages, drink three extra glasses of water and snack on cucumber slices, celery dipped in nut butter (unsweetened) or hummus, and berries like strawberries, raspberries, or blueberries.

Blueberries in a bowlMarch – April:
Add another day to your week without sugary sweets and drinks. Make sure to add in extra fresh vegetables. Also, try to drink one extra glass of water every day of the week.

Brown Rice and Kabobs

May – June: Add a third day to your week without sugary sweets and drinks. By this point your body should be craving a lot more fresh vegetables in general. Now, on one of your regular days (days that include sweets) try substituting white rice, white bread, or other refined grains with brown rice, whole wheat bread, and whole grains.

Cucumber Slices

July – August: Add a fourth day without sweets. Remember, this includes muffins, scones, and all those other treats you can get from the coffee shop, as well as sweetened coffee, sodas, and other sweet drinks! Also, add another day of whole grains only so that now you’re only eating sweets three days a week, and two days a week you’re eating only whole grains.

Fun at the Water Cooler

September – October: Add a fifth day without sweets. You can do this! You’ve already come so far! Now, sub out whole grains two more days a week, so that you’re eating whole grains four days a week. Don’t forget to drink more water! Drinking 8oz of water is incredibly easy. In fact, those little cups at the water cooler are often 6-8oz, and they’re tiny. Drink three extra while you’re standing there chatting with your co-workers.

Woman Chopping Vegetables

November – December: This is it. One more day of no sweets, and two more days of whole grains. That means you have one day a week when you can eat whatever you want, and six days a week of eating healthy. See, you did it! It was gradual and I bet your body is so pleased that you made it this far.