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Healthcare Changes in 2012

January 25th, 2012Health Insurance Information

Changes to Healthcare in 2012

Most of the changes to healthcare that go into effect in 2012 apply more to the industry than to individuals. We’ve posted before about changes to age limits on family health insurance plans, as well as pre-existing conditions insurance.

In 2012, however, there are four major changes that will take place:

  • “Linking payment to quality outcomes:” Relating to Medicare, this law will encourage high-quality care and services by rewarding hospitals that perform well.
  • “Encouraging integrated health systems:” In this law, doctors are encouraged to form “Accountable Care Organizations,” which are groups that provide great care at a reduced cost.
  • “Reducing paperwork and administrative costs:” Because healthcare is one of the few remaining sectors that still relies on paper records, this law sets standards for billing to ensure that information becomes securely available an electronic format.
  • “Understanding and fighting health disparities:” According to this law, federal agencies must collect demographic information to ensure that people of all ethnicities, languages, and races are receiving the same quality of service.
  • If you’d like to read more about upcoming changes to healthcare, check out the federal government’s website.